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Romeo And Juliet99
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Hello teacher!! This is my part of the work, and I finished it.

And now I can relax in the sofa.

Bye Bye XD !!!

-_- >< !D .......

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My favourite simbol is the sea because he represented the liberty.
I like sea and all that connected with this.
I do diferents sports but the best sport is windsurf since as that sport represented these qualitys.

Reflecting on my presentation.

How did you feel before, while and after you presented?

Before presentation I was felling nervous and excited. But when I was reading I felt very safe, because I studied my part. When the oral presentation finished I was felt happy and satisfied of my oral part.

Describe your presentation in 30 words.

I think that our presentation could improve, for example I was reading the paper very often. German wasn't reading but he was always stopping. Although this problems we was speaking a regular English and we use advanced vocabulary. I think that this presentation is good but we could improve it.

Watch 2 of your friends' presentations, and write 3 positive and 3 negative aspects of their presentations.

Write 3 positive and 3 negative aspects of your presentation.

What ideas can you apply to your next presentation? How can you improve it?

For the next presentation I think I have to study my paper a little more and to improve the English accent as possible. Also I think that we must to meet before the exposition.

What mark do you deserve?

I think that our deserve six or seven. I think this because we didn't explained very good. But we used a good vocabulary and so we deserve this mark.

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This is my presentation!!! ><

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Hello guys this is my power point XD!!

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Hello boys I am Pep Clotas Jucgà and I'm your friend, and this is my blog.